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The Point


I take pictures because I love to take pictures.

Everybody has a camera these days.  But not everyone can take great pictures.  I think my pictures come out the way they do because I love to capture moments.

Moments of love

Moments of wonder

Moments of joy

Moments of success

Moments of peace

– Moments of life –

Let me capture your moments, so you can enjoy them as they happen.


.Video Editing

How many video clips do you have on your phone?  You know the one’s, from vacations, nights out with your friends and family reunions.  How often do you look at them?  How many of them are 5 seconds of hilarious with a minute of boring flipping camera movements?

I can edit that for you.  In fact I can combine your entire vacation or event using pictures and video clips into a punchy 3 minute music video that won’t bore your friends or family.

Can you do this yourself – I’m sure you can.  Will you ever get around to it – I doubt it… contact me…I’ll hook you up…



This is new for me and a work in progress…

Think shirts, hats, watches, coffee table books…  Think style…